Apathy fuels telco 'loyalty'

Apathy is compelling more mobile users to stick with their current supplier than strong customer experience, research by Oracle shows.
A survey of 4,000 global mobile, landline, broadband, and TV subscribers conducted by the firm in conjunction with Coleman Parkes, found only 9% of mobile users believe they are getting a high quality service from their current supplier.
Oracle believes there are large, untapped, opportunities for carriers to exploit to differentiate themselves from the competition.
The survey reveals 39% of mobile users see little point in switching provider, because rivals don’t offer a better service than their current supplier. Oracle notes the figures point to a large potential market for operators that prioritize customer experience.
“While many CSPs remain confident they are fulfilling subscriber expectations for a quality service, the reality is that consumers have grown impatient with an industry that does not always consider their evolving lifestyles,” says Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Communications.
“Those CSPs that get the basics of their customer experience right and deliver the reliable and flexible service that today’s consumers are looking for can tap into a hidden opportunity to stand out from the competition and grow their respective subscriber-bases.”
Oracle’s survey also found 16% of mobile subscribers can’t switch due to lock in periods.