Apple, Apple Corp. settle trademark lawsuit

Apple has resolved a bitter trademark dispute with The Beatles' guardian Apple Corps over use of the iconic apple logo and name, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said But while the truce appeared to finally bury the long-simmering animosity, music lovers will still need to wait for the right to buy such songs as 'Love Me Do' or 'Hey Jude' on Apple's iTunes online store.

The announcement, made jointly by one of the world's largest music sellers and one of history's most beloved bands, was silent on whether the catalog of Beatles songs will become available for download any time soon, the report said.

The Beatles have so far been the most prominent holdout from iTunes and other online music services, and Apple's overtures to put the music online have been stymied by the ongoing litigation, the report said.

The settlement gives Cupertino-based Apple ownership of the name and logo in return for agreeing to license some of those trademarks back to London-based Apple Corps, guardian of The Beatles' commercial interests, for their continued use, the report said.

It ends the ongoing trademark lawsuit between the two companies, with each side paying its own legal costs. Other terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Industry analysts said a resolution on putting The Beatles' music online is likely already in the works, the report said.