Apple approved 1400 apps on Friday

Friday saw a massive spike in the number of apps approved for sale on the iPhone app store, with Apple giving the nod to nearly 1,400 apps. But the Google Voice app was not among them.
The number of apps approved leaped up from 586 on Thursday to 1,394 on Friday, according to App Shopper.
But Apple has yet to approve VoIP services app Google Voice despite facing an FCC probe over the rejection.
Apple told Google the app makes changes to the fundamental workings of the phone, such as replacing the in-built contacts manager with Google's own. But it denied it had rejected it, saying the application was still being considered for approval.
Apple yesterday also approved the first apps based on adult film stars, developed by adult software developer Grindhouse Mobile.
Yet in June, the company removed “Hottest Girls” - an iPhone app featuring softcore pornography - within days of approving it.
The company has also rejected apps promoting the animated television comedy South Park and the band Nine Inch Nails, despite offering full, uncensored content from both properties on its iTunes store. But in contrast to the Hottest Girls app, these were banned before Apple introduced an age ratings system to the store.
The inconsistencies have led some to suspect that Apple is being less than thorough while approving apps. All Things Digital's John Paczkowski notes that Apple employs only 40 full-time app reviewers.
But a Grindhouse spokesperson said Apple worked closely with the developer during the approval process, and even rejected the first version of one of the apps for being “a little too 'hot'.”