Apple, AT&T settle iPhone lawsuit

Apple and AT&T have settled claims that the iPhone's 'visual voicemail' technology infringed patents held by Klausner Technologies, an Associated Press report said.

Klausner Technologies is a New York-based patent holding company founded by inventor Judah Klausner.

The visual voicemail feature lets iPhone users see a list of people who've left them phone messages and listen to the messages in any order they choose.

The three companies said in a joint filing this week in US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas that they've resolved Apple's and AT&T's portion of a larger patent lawsuit Klausner filed, the Associated Press report said

They asked the court to dismiss the case.

Judah Klausner said that Apple and AT&T have agreed to take out licenses on the technology, joining eBay's Skype division, which last month also settled a lawsuit filed by Klausner over a visual voicemail feature in Skype's VoIP service.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Representatives for Apple and AT&T did not immediately return emails seeking comment.

Klausner's lawsuit over visual voicemail includes several defendants, most of whom have now settled.

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