Apple bins Google maps in latest iOS

Apple has unveiled the upcoming iOS 6 at this week's WDC, revealing as expected that it has ditched Google Maps for its own home grown alternative.
In line with reports last week Apple has revealed that the new iPhone map system includes a 3D view, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation. Apple executives including chief executive Tim Cook said that the map system has been built from the ground up and that the company plans to cover the world.
The announcement is a direct blow to Google, considering that iOS is estimated to account for up to half of all Google Maps users. It underscores how much relations between the two companies have soured since Google announced Android.
Other iOS 6 upgrades include extending the capabilities of Siri. The voice assistant will be integrated into the map service, allowing users to ask for turn-by-turn directions. Apple also revealed that iOS 6 will be more tightly integrated with Facebook. For example, Siri can now be instructed to upload photos directly to the social network.
Siri is also being integrated with Yelp and OpenTable so it can give restaurant recommendations, as well as IMDB for movie reviews and picks, Gizmodo reports. Support for Siri in more languages, including Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese, is also being added.