Apple developing touchscreen tablet: reports

Apple is reported to be developing a touchscreen tablet that will fill the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook Pro.

The 10-inch, 3G-enabled tablet is the brainchild of CEO Steve Jobs, according to AppleInsider. It will be similar to a jumbo iPod touch, the site said.

The device is believed to cost around $800 at launch, Gizmodo said, quoting a news article from China Daily.  

AppleInsider expects the device to launch in Q1 2010, while China Daily expects it to launch in October. Apple has been rumored to be working on a tablet device since 2004.

The tablet may be part of Apple's push to revitalize digital album sales by offering more ancillary materials - a project codenamed Cocktail and described in the Financial Times.

Materials include liner notes, album covers, lyric sheets and photos – all of which could benefit from a larger screen. Apple is working with music labels EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group on the project, said.