Apple dominates EU5 smartphone market

Apple’s iOS operating system is driving three times the mobile Web traffic of its nearest rival in Europe’s big five markets.
Regular figures from comScore show Apple’s platform generated 61.1% of non-computer based Web traffic in the three months to end-August, compared to 20.9% from Google’s Android. Apple’s success is fueled by its iPad tablet, which generated 43% of all iOS traffic during the period, despite accounting for less than a quarter of Apple devices in use.
RIM products generated 8.5% of non-PC Web traffic during the period, with Symbian lagging well behind the competition on 2.7%.
“While we have seen the increasing adoption of smartphones in the EU5 contribute to the rapid growth of mobile media consumption, we are also beginning to see tablets and other connected devices play an increasing role,” Jeremy Copp, comScore’s European mobile vice president, says.
The firm’s analysis shows the number of people using smartphones in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK grew 46% year-on-year to 91.4 million. Apple again tops the list, accounting for 30.5% of smart devices in use, narrowly beating Symbian’s 28.7% share, and the 23.5% of Google’s Android.