Apple launches new Nano and iTunes 9

Apple has revealed that it has 50 million devices on the market with access to the iTunes App store.

Back in the saddle and speaking at the launch of iTunes9 and the new range of iPods, CEO Steve Jobs said the company had sold 30 million iPhones and 20 million iPod Touches to date.
Apple users have downloaded 1.8 billion applications from Apple, the iTunes App Store, which now has more than 75,000 applications. iTunes is now in 23 countries with 100 million active accounts. 
Apple has launched a new app category called “Genius”, an advanced song recommendations feature that gives app recommendations based on your previous downloaded choices.
In other announcements the new Nano music player, priced from €102, now comes with a built-in video camera, voice recorder, pedometer and FM radio tuner.
Jobs called the Nano “the most popular music player in the world,” with more than 100 million sold to date.
Apple also introduced a new version of the iPhone with a 64GB memory, twice as much as its predecessors, retailing for €274.