Apple launches speedy iPhone & $99 iPhone


Apple has launched new, speedier iPhone and cut the price of its existing phone to $99.

The new iPhone 3G S, unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday, will launch on June 19 and should be available in 80 countries by August 9.

As expectedthe new smartphone features a built-in compass, video camera and voice recording functionality.

Phil Schiller, vice president of worldwide marketing - who launched the device in the absence of chairman Steve Jobs, who is on medical leave - said the handset may also be used as a 3G modem via internet tethering, although this function is not yet supported in the US and some other countries.

It also features voice control  supporting 32 languages or dialects, cut and paste  and MMS support, the ability to use the virtual keyboard in landscape alignment and dedicated stock market and YouTube browser apps.

Every function on the new handset is up to twice as fast as its predecessor, Apple said In the US, it will cost $199 for a 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB model.

Schiller also said Apple would cut the 8GB iPhone 3G to $99. “We want to reach even more customers,” he said “There’s never been a good smartphone yet at this price point”.

Apple's stock price fell 0.57% yesterday to $143.85, on Jobs’ non-appearance at the WWDC and the price cuts.