Apple loses second iPhone prototype

A second iPhone 4 prototype appears to have slipped from Apple's care, prompting serious questions about the company's internal security.
The new prototype found its way to Vietnam, with a local blogger publishing pictures of the device, including the first pictures of its internal components.
Except for two missing screws, the prototype looks nearly identical to the handset that whipped up a storm last month when it fell into the hands of tech blog Gizmodo.
If the photos are genuine, the internal shots reveal that the new iPhone will use a version of the Apple A4 processor that is used in the iPad.
Current iPhone’s are powered by Samsung chips.
The pictures were published by mobile phone accessory salesman Tran Manh Heip, who had received a tip that somebody in a local cafe was showing off the prototype, the Money Times said
Heip then inspected the device, taking several pictures. He claims to have plugged the phone into a Mac, which recognised the device as an authentic Apple product.
If Apple has indeed lost two iPhone prototypes in less than two months, it would indicate that cracks are appearing in its famous wall of secrecy.
But Gartner analyst Van Baker told the LA Times that devices with transmitters face more risk of being leaked because of the layers of regulatory approval and the amount of field testing required.
“That complicates the issue a little bit for [Apple],” he said.