Apple shipments fall short; Google ordered to change data handling in Italy

> Microsoft reported a 7 per cent decline in its quarterly profit, largely due to the effects of incorporating Nokia's handset business. Article

> Apple's shipments of iPhones and iPads were slightly below expectations in the company's fiscal third quarter. Article

> EE apologised after a technical problem resulted in the operator spamming its customers with SMS advertising a new feature. Article

> Nvidia revealed an Android-powered gaming tablet PC that can run games itself, or stream from a desktop PC. Report

> Google must start seeking permission to generate profiles of users in Italy in the next 18 months, the country's Data Protection Authority said. Report

> Children aged 10 to 17 years old could be prosecuted for sending indecent images, or 'sexts', to each other, a UK police force warned. Article

> Brazilian watchdog CVM may take weeks to analyse the new terms of a merger agreement between Oi and Portugal Telecom. Article

And finally…An app designed to bring couples closer together by opening access to their smartphone could also be used to work out if partners are cheating. Report