Apple takes patent fight to Samsung's door

Apple is taking its patent battle with Samsung to the vendor’s front door, filing a fresh suit in its home market.
The lawsuit, filed in South Korea on Friday, alleges the same infringement of Apple’s patents as a suit the vendor filed against Samsung in the US in April. The firm claims Samsung’s range of Galaxy smartphones copy heavily from its iPhone and iPad, and so infringe multiple patents and trademarks.
Apple is seeking a block on sales of Galaxy devices and compensation of 100 million Won (€65,273), the Korea Herald reports. Samsung has yet to respond to the latest litigation, however in the US it quickly countersued Apple for patent violations.
Executives from both firms are reportedly in talks aimed at reaching an out-of-court settlement of the US case, after a judge called for alternative solutions to be explored.
With the notoriously litigious Apple last week winning a patent covering some aspects of touchscreen technology in smartphones, the company may soon ramp up its patent lawsuit activity even further.