Apple to launch iPhone in Germany in November

Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone in Germany, where the gadget will go on sale November 9,  an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said the iPhone, a combined cell phone-iPod media player that also can wirelessly access the Internet, will cost 399 euros ($553), including Germany's 19% value-added tax.

The announcement came a day after Apple said the iPhone would go on sale in Britain on November 9 with service from mobile operator O2, the report said.

It debuted in the US on June 29, with service exclusively through AT&T.

The 8-gigabyte phone will be available only in T-Mobile's 700 shops in Germany and through T-Mobile's Internet shop, with a new two-year contract, the Associated Press report further said.

Monthly pricing was to be announced later.

As in Britain and the US, the phone will not operate on Europe's fastest cellular data networks. But when it's within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, it automatically connects to the faster technology, the report further said.