Apple to show off iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow

In a busy week for smartphones, Apple will tomorrow showcase the latest version of its iPhone and iPad OS, while more details have emerged of Microsoft's “Project Pink.”
The only update flagged by Apple for inclusion in iPhone OS 4.0 is the addition of a universal e-mail inbox, said
But speculation is running rampant that Apple will finally introduce multitasking support in the latest version. This is a feature that developers and end-users have been clamouring for a long time.
GigaOM predicts that other updates will include support for higher resolutions than the 480x320 available on the iPad, enhanced voice-to-text features and integration with LaLa, the music streaming service Apple acquired in December.
PC World added that integrated GPS navigation is a possibility, considering that Apple acquired mapping service PlaceBase in July.
Meanwhile, the veracity of reports that Microsoft's Project Pink involves a line of own-branded social networking smartphones have been bolstered by more leaked information, including screenshots of one of the phones.
Gizmodo has acquired leaked marketing materials advertising one of the devices.
The device will be marketed through carrier partner Verizon, Gizmodo said.
Other sources added that the device, as well as a second phone in the line, could be launched in late April.
Meanwhile, Microsoft has been busy talking up the Windows Phone 7 series, stating that they will support .NET, Silverlight and XNA developer platforms.
“Our mission is to help developers go after the next generation of mobile customers with an amazing set of tools and technologies. Developers will be able to bring new kinds of content to more screens and markets faster,” Microsoft partner group program manager Charlie Kindel said in a blog post.