Arabsat/ASBU Bouquet now on AsiaSat 2

The ArabSat/Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) Bouquet has started broadcasting on Asia Satellite's AsiaSat 2 satellite, joining other Middle Eastern programming for free-to-air distribution to serve the vast Arab community in Asia and Australasia.


The Arabic-language Bouquet consists of a group of television and radio services from ASBU members, including 10 television channels from Abu Dhabi TV Europe, Jamahiriya Satellite Channel, Oman TV, Palestinian TV, Qatar TV, Saudi Arabian TV 1, Sharjah TV, Sudan TV, Syria Satellite Channel, Yemen TV, as well as 13 radio channels.


These channels, originally broadcasting on AsiaSat 3S, will be dual illuminating on both AsiaSat 2 and AsiaSat 3S satellites until Oct. 1 when they become exclusively available on AsiaSat 2.