Asia not prepared for IPv6, says APNIC

Nearly two thirds of Asia's internet community is not prepared for the transition to the IPv6 address space, a survey by the Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) has found.

Only 40% of the community have a plan for IPv6 deployment, and just 54% said their organizations possess the knowledge and expertise required for the transition, according to the study conducted by KPMG for APNIC.

Just 37% of the ISPs, vendors and large users surveyed said they had deployed or were ready for immediate IPv6 deployment.

Respondents agreed that APNIC should take a bigger role in the IPv6 rollout, the survey said.

"The community has given us a clear mandate to assist in the transition to IPv6," said APNIC director general Paul Wilson.

"It is clear that APNIC must analyze the impediments to IPv6 deployment and assist the community to overcome these ahead of the IPv4 free address pool exhaustion."

APNIC will target the organizations that currently lack an IPv6 deployment plan and give them the information they need to formulate one, Wilson said.

Last week, Google's chief internet evangelist, Vint Cert, warned that the current stockpile of IPv6 addresses would be exhausted by 2010.