Asia Pacific IPTV users to hit more than 6m in '08-Gartner

The Asia Pacific region's IPTV revenue is expected to reach €2.43 billion (US$3.5 billion) in 2012, with the number of subscriptions forecast to grow 34% from 6.5 million in 2008 to 18.7 million in 2012, a report from research firm Gartner said.

The report also said worldwide subscriptions to IPTV services are on pace to reach 19.6 million subscribers in 2008, a 64.1% increase from 12 million subscribers in 2007.

Worldwide IPTV revenue is projected to total €3.13 billion (US$4.5 billion) in 2008, a 93.5% increase from 2007 revenue of €1.6 billion (US$2.3 billion).

The report added that PCCW's IPTV service in Hong Kong, nowTV was the largest IPTV deployment in the world in 2006, with 758,000 subscribers.

By midyear 2008, it had grown to 927,000 subscribers, which represents about 40% of the estimated 2.3 million households in Hong Kong, with its more innovative services including quadruple play TV, lifestyle services such as digital music streaming and photo and video sharing, simultaneous views and e-ticketing

In 2008, 1.1% of households worldwide will be subscribers of IPTV.

By the end of 2012, Gartner forecasts worldwide household penetration of IPTV will be 2.8%.