Asia Pacific leads IPTV adoption - report

The Asia-Pacific region is leading the global revolution of IPTV in infrastructure deployments, applications development, and subscriber adoption, a report from research firm In-Stat said.

The report said the region's broadband penetration and regulatory support helped foster the fastest-growing IPTV market in the world.

The report also predicted that the subscriber base for IPTV in the region would reach 39 million, while revenues would hit $8.1 billion by 2011.

In-Stat said carriers and service providers would likely bundle the service under their triple-play bundled offerings.

"With IPTV, incumbent telcos have the opportunity to fundamentally change their broadband customers' video service experience from the traditional video clip streaming and downloading model," said Bryan Wang, In-Stat analyst. "IPTV is expected to be the real killer application in the telcos' broadband services portfolio that will increase ARPU and preserve user stickiness."