Asia Pacific PC demand fuels shipments growth

Mobile PCs will account for more than half of all PC shipments in Asia Pacific in 2011 due to growing numbers of first-time buyers, research firm Gartner predicts.
Expected shipments of 53.2 million mobile PCs in 2010 will represent a 46.4% share of total PC shipments in the region, however Gartner expects the share to hit 51% in 2011, because new customers are increasingly shunning desktop units.
Replacement sales will drive desktop PC shipments up 9.9% to 61.4 million units in 2010.
Principal research analyst Lillian Tay says consumer’s confidence is returning as the global economy recovers, making them happier to splash out on a PC.
Spending will rise 12.4% as a result, almost 10% more than the 2.9% growth in 2009.
Tay predicts Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and India will register the greatest demand during 2010, and says emerging markets will fuel annual CAGR of 15.7% by 2014.