AT&T buys more LTE spectrum

AT&T has bought spectrum from Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen to accelerate its 4G LTE rollout.

Allen’s Seattle-based company, Vulcan Spectrum, initially acquired the spectrum and 24 licenses in 2003, but did not reveal any plans for the assets. The licenses are in the 700MHz range, which is the band Verizon Wireless is also using for its 4G network. The spectrum covers the areas of Oregon and Washington. 
Vulcan Spectrum continues to own licenses in the A-block, which it bought last year in an FCC auction and covers the Seattle and Portland areas.
An AT&T spokesman said the company would not disclose financial terms.
Allen has a history of investing in technology to create his vision of a “wired world,” which also included the creation of St. Louis-based Charter Communications. Charter is the USA’s fourth-biggest cable company but filed for bankruptcy in March.