AT&T eyes $750m investment for global network expansion

Telecommunications giant AT&T will spend more than $750 million in 2007 to expand its global communications network for corporate customers, an 89% boost over last year, as customer companies increasingly do business abroad, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report said the top US phone company said the investment for its enterprise business was part of previously announced capital spending plans for the overall company.

The announcement comes amid increased demand for Internet-based telephone services and other communications services in China, India, and other emerging markets where many of AT&T's corporate customers have operations, the Reuters report said.

The company said the global investment would focus on high-growth economies in Asia , the Middle East and Latin America, as well as some developed markets in Europe, the report added.

AT&T also said it would invest in opening new Internet data centers in the US and building new Internet, long-distance and mobile access in a greater number of countries, the report further said.