AT&T to spend US$1 bn to expand networks, services

AT&T will invest €0.65 billion/US$1 billion in 2008 to expand networks and services for its global enterprise managed services business. The investment is one-third higher than 2007 and more than double the 2006 level, AT&T said.

New investments will include subsea fibre optic cable capacity to Asia, increasing diversity and reliability on these critical routes, the company said in a statement.The carrier said it would increase investments in 'multiple undersea cable systems into southeast Asia and Australia,' and upgrade Caribbean, Indian and Middle East systems.

It will also install new core MPLS routers around the world and provide new MPLS- based IP access nodes in ten new locations, including Seoul, Singapore and Shanghai.

AT&T said the expansion was being driven by demand for IP networks and services as enterprises tried to cope with the heavy growth of data, voice and video traffic.