Austria opens door to Slim; Belgacom extends LTE to all

> Austria's government is ready to let Carlos Slim's America Movil become the biggest majority investor in Telekom Austria. Article

> Belgacom said it will offer LTE services to all of its customers within two weeks. Article

> Yahoo said an attempted hack attack of its public email service used data from users' other online services, rather than information taken directly from its servers. Article

> Google CFO Patrick Pichette said selling Motorola Mobility to Chinese vendor Lenovo is a positive step for the Android operating system. Article

> Twitter has resolved patent infringement claims by IBM by buying 900 patents from the computing giant and agreeing a cross-licensing deal. Article

And finally..."Forgotify", a new music streaming service that only plays songs that no-one has listened to on Spotify, has been launched. Apparently, 4 million tracks have never been heard. Article