Baidu hit with anti-monopoly suit

Chinese search engine Baidu has been hit with a lawsuit under China\'s new anti-monopoly law.

Tangshan Renren Information Service (TRISC) has accused the search firm of blacklisting one of its websites after it cut back its ad spending, China Daily said

TRISC has demanded over 1.1 million yuan ($160,000) in compensation, stating that the number of visits to the site dropped from 2,961 to 701 after it had pulled its ads.

A Google search for the company found 6,690 pages, whereas a Baidu search found just four, the company said.

Baidu denied the allegations, and said the site was blocked because TRISC was engaged in spamdexing to drive traffic to its site.

Baidu also argued there was no search engine market, as most search services are free.  

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