Bangladesh blocks YouTube access over mutiny clip

The Bangladeshi government has blocked access to YouTube after a video of a tense confrontation between the army and the prime minister over last month's mutiny was posted to the site.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has installed a gateway block on access to YouTube as well as several other sites hosting the clip.

The clip contains an audio-only recording taken from a March 1 meeting between prime minister, Sheikh Hasina and senior army officers.  Angry army officials shout criticisms over Hasina's handling of the crisis.

The clip was uploaded by Bangladeshi reporter Maihul Islam Nasim, VOA News said.

The government has defended the temporary ban, stating that it is in the national interest to prevent access to the clip.

"Nothing has been done which is beyond the jurisdiction of the government," BTRC chairman Zia Ahmed told 

The mutiny, which took place late last month, left over 70 people dead, including at least 56 army officers. The army opposed the government's handling of the crisis, believing it should have been resolved through military force rather than negotiations.