Base stations Opex reduced using new battery cooling technology

Operators requiring to run base stations in extreme climatic conditions could benefit from new battery cooling cabinets announced by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). The company claims that the new SiteStar cabinets can increase battery life by three times, and reduce the electricity consumed for cooling batteries at a base station site by up to 95 per cent.

NSN maintains that the life of base station batteries is inversely proportional to the temperature under which it operates, and is reduced by 50 per cent with a 10°C increase above the optimal temperature of 20°C. Prashant Agnihotri, head of GSM/EDGE product management at NSN, said that the new SiteStar product is capable of maintaining a constant optimal temperature in very hot or cold climates, and increasing battery life by three times in operating temperatures of 35°C, compared to a fan based cabinet. "SiteStar also reduces electricity consumption for cooling batteries by up to 95 per cent when compared to traditional air conditioned cabinets as it typically consumes only 40W."

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