Battle-lines drawn in converged IPTV battle

Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens yesterday both announced platforms designed to allow the distribution of IPTV across multiple devices, including mobile phones.
Alcatel-Lucent introduced a multi-screen video solution designed to help operators deliver IPTV or cable TV services to smartphones, PCs and tablets.
The company has expanded its multi-screen professional services to support the new solution.
It also showcased a digital media delivery platform consisting of applications designed to give service providers an alternative to relying on shared CDNs.
The platform consists of appliance types designed and optimised for content publishing, storage, delivery, routing, management and analytics, and is based on technologies developed by Velocix, a firm Alcatel-Lucent purchased in 2009.
“We are creating new opportunities for everyone in the digital media value chain by providing a foundation on which new multimedia services and content can be offered to consumers quickly and easily, based on market demand,” Alcatel-Lucent president of solutions and marketing Kenneth Frank said.
Meanwhile, NSN launched its own platform designed to help support multimedia convergence.
The software platform lets operators route live or video-on-demand TV to mobile phones and PCs as well as satellite and digital terrestrial televisions.
It also has an open platform designed to help create new multi-media applications, and facilities for remote recording and operator-to-subscriber messaging.
“By offering [content] across different devices and networks, and an open environment for app development, we free operators to partner with developers without being bound to any one vendor's roadmaps,” NSN head of media and entertainment solutions Brook Longdon said.