Bebo launches teen comedy

Chelsey: OMG! is Bebo's new online comedy. It follows American Chelsey Pucks - played by Kelly Anne Lyons - as she moves from a cosseted background in the US to a job in London's fashion scene, according to The Guardian .

A kind of Devil Wears Prada on the other side of the Atlantic for those who can't speak without the punctuation of "˜like' and "˜whatever' several times per sentence‾

Two three-minute episodes of Chelsey: OMG! will be screened on each week. Apparently the show is, in part, a replacement for KateModern, the social network's interactive online drama that came to an end in June this year having racked up 57 million views, according to Bebo.

Anyway, it's been created for Bebo by comedian Nat Coombs and Channel X, the UK independent production company that has previous worked with British comedy heroes Ricky Gervais (The Office), Vic Reeves, Jonny Vegas, Matt Lucas and David Walliams (Little Britain), Peter Kay, Jonathan Ross and Jo Brand.

This could mean that Brits won't all be portrayed either as being super-posh and snooty or Cockneys with Dick Van Dyke (as in Mary Poppins) fake (mockney) accents.