Belgacom claims first with business monitoring

Belgacom claims it will be the first telco in Europe to introduce advanced network monitoring services for business customers.
The Belgian incumbent plans to deploy the service in March, offering companies the tools to assess and manage their enterprise applications. The monitoring capabilities will be available to subscribers of Belgacom’s Explore service, who will also gain access to the firm’s cloud platform to allow for management of remote applications.
Corporate customers are increasingly demanding the ability to manage applications including video and audio services, and growing use of employee-owned mobile devices in the workplace, Belgacom states. The monitoring service will allow business critical applications to be prioritized on company servers, and in the cloud.

Alcatel-Lucent is supplying the underlying technology to Belgacom. Local chief Luc Defieuw says business users “are increasingly interested in cooperating with their service providers to enhance visibility and performance of business-critical applications running over their network.”