Belgacom rebrands all commercial services under Proximus

Belgacom said it will sell all mobile, fixed and IT products and services under the Proximus brand by the end of this year as the Belgian incumbent looks to simplify its market presence, restore growth by 2016, and highlight its focus on bundled service offerings.

"Our ambition is to grow. That's why we want to combine our fixed, mobile and IT solutions even more effectively, with the customer at the centre," said CEO Dominique Leroy. "With Proximus as our main commercial brand we get that idea across clearly and we also simplify our communication."

Belgacom added that its other brands, such as Scarlet, 1207/1307, BICS, Tango and Telindus International, will also continue to exist, and Belgacom will be retained as the corporate name.

The operator has long had a strong focus on multi-play offerings, providing its consumers with the option to combine fixed and mobile services into a single plan, and now wants to make this a central focus with no delineation between fixed and mobile offerings.

"It does not make any difference anymore for users whether they read their e-mails at work, via a mobile network or their Wi-Fi at home, or whether they watch their favourite programs on TV or on their tablet," the company said. "And large companies increasingly offer their employees and customers seamless access to applications and information via mobile and fixed networks."

Portugal Telecom recently made a similar move by dropping its mobile brand, TMN, in favour of using the MEO brand for all its residential services in order to better exploit the operator's multi-play capabilities.

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