Belgian 4G sale lags Euro neighbors

Belgium netted the second-lowest amount from its 4G auction of any western European country to sell the spectrum to date.
The country raised a total of €77.7 million from its sale of spectrum in the 2.6GHz band, with four of the five original bidders successful in acquiring a license. Carrier BUCD bid the most at €22.5 million, followed by Belgacom (€20.2 million), Mobistar (€20 million), and KPN on €15 million.
A fifth bidder – Craig Wireless – missed out in the auction, which closed yesterday.
The total amount raised places Belgium ahead only of Austria, which generated a total of €39.5 million in its auction in 2010. Germany currently tops the table for 4G license income, netting €4.38 billion in 1H10, followed by Italy on €3.95 billion.
While France currently lags with income of €936 million, a separate sale of 800MHz spectrum will increase the country’s total if a reserve price of €1.8 billion is achieved.
Belgium’s four successful carriers are now clear to begin commercial services on July 1 2012, when the 15-year licenses go live.