Bernabe backs copper for broadband

Telecom Italia’s copper networks will play a key role in achieving goals to improve quality of service over the next two years, chief Franco Bernabe states.
The operator yesterday revealed plans to pump between €7 billion and €8.7 billion a year into service improvements between 2011 and 2013, with the main focus on wholesale and retail services and wider broadband coverage, Bernabe told government officials.
Bernabe believes the Web to be a key asset for the company, and the future investment will build on a €3.1 billion investment in its fixed infrastructure during 2010, local news site AGI reports.
However, the telco’s chief rejected the notion that his focus on ultra high-speed broadband would result in the sale of its copper network. Instead, Bernabe sees the copper infrastructure as a key element of future broadband and voice services due to the high level of penetration relative to fiber, notes.
Italian carriers last year agreed a model for upgrading copper lines to offer high-speed broadband services, allowing for a mix of fiber and copper infrastructure to be used to offer next generation access.