Bezeq chooses Alca-Lu for IP network

Alcatel-Lucent has been selected by Bezeq, Israel's largest telecommunications provider, as the foundation for its new metro Ethernet network.

Alcatel-Lucent will provide its industry-leading Ethernet & IP routing solution to help Bezeq deliver premium Ethernet L2 services, such as Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), and Ethernet-lines (E-lines) to its business customers. Bezeq is planning to take advantage of the IP VPN functionality and other rich functionalities that the solution offers as well.

The Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS solution supports the needs of Bezeq to evolve to packet-based network architectures as part of the operator's ongoing MPLS network transformation process.

This approach enables Bezeq to support the convergence of IP voice, data and video over Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 business VPN services with the performance and resiliency necessary to run latency-sensitive applications.

The solution also enables Bezeq to tailor business VPN service offerings to each enterprise's unique requirements.

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