Bharti launches global wholesale services

Bharti Airtel will provide international operators with wholesale access to its fiber network, which spans fifty continents worldwide.
The operator has spent over €355 million on boosting cable capacity and PoPs, it said in a statement.
Bharti's wholesale portfolio will include MPLS, Ethernet IP and IPLC services.
PCCW, Saudi Telecom and Oman Telecom have already signed up for the wholesale service, the Wall Street Journal said
“Over the last few years, we have expanded our... investments in existing submarine routes to ensure flexible options for connectivity across all regions of the globe,” said Bharti president of enterprise services, David Nishball.
Bharti has doubled bandwidth to 1 Tbps in the past six months, the Journal said. It owns capacity on cables including SMW4, i2i, APCN2 and TGN and has invested in new cable systems AAG, Unity North, EIG, IMEWE and EASSy.
The operator is separately in the process of merging with South African operator MTN, but have been unable to reach an agreement. MTN has reportedly asked Bharti to raise its merger price by another €710 million to an estimated €4.87 billion.

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