Big business spends more on wireless than wired

Large enterprises are spending more on wireless infrastructure than on wired, according to research from Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Motorola.

Techworld says the research study, Cutting the ties that bind, looked at wireless trends in Europe during the past year. The report surveyed 400 IT directors at companies that have  more than 1,000 staff across the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Nordics.

It found that spending on wireless infrastructure has overtaken spending on wired infrastructure in over half of large enterprises - 54% of the IT directors had spent a greater portion of their budget on wireless equipment than wired equipment.

Techworld pointed out that this is down to the fact that enterprises already have their wired infrastructure in place and see no reason to upgrade. Angelo Lamme, wireless director at Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Business, acknowledged this, but added," the other [reason] is the actual cost of a wireless network over wired - it's between one fifth to one tenth the cost of installing a wired network."

Lamme was also quoted saying," We are at a tipping point at the moment, where wireless is really now a viable alternative because of 802.11n and alternative architectures. You are not hearing that from network vendors and you can imagine why. Their economic cash cow is disappearing.'

Well, he would say that wouldn't he‾

The survey also revealed that the top concern about wireless networks remains security.