Bing biting at Google's tail in US search

Google continues to dominate the US search engine rankings, but Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, has gained ground since its launch, according to ComScore.
Google was used for 64.2% of all searches in the US in May, ComScore said, with its share up 0.8% over the prior month.
Yahoo sites took second place with 20.4%, while MS was third with 8.2%. AOL took a distant fifth with just 3.4%.
But the May data does not include Bing, which launched on June 1. Since then, Microsoft's share of the search market has grew to 11.3% in its first week of operation, and to 12.1% in its second, ComScore said. During the work week, Bing's average daily penetration reached 16.7%.
“These early [figures] reflect a continued positive market reaction to Bing in the initial stages of its launch,” ComScore SVP Mike Hurt said.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said he was pleased by the early response, but did not want to over-set expectations, according to Reuters.