BlackBerry squeezed out of the Oval Office

The Guardian newspaper says that President Elect of the US, Barack Obama, is to give up his trademark BlackBerry when he moves into the White House.

He might have 'tweeted' supporters from his smart phone on the way to his election night victory rally and wants to be the first president to bring a laptop into the Oval Office, but his aides told the New York Times that the BlackBerry has to go.

This is for two reasons. First fear of hackers cracking the Presidential smartphone, but also because the Presidential Records Act means that all of his correspondence enters into the public record.

Apparently before moving into the White House, George W. Bush sent a farewell email to 42 friends and relatives saying he was shutting down email communications for the duration.

It seems that becoming President will be a culture shock for the most tech-savvy and communications-reliant President in more ways than one.