Blocking of mobile VoIP: EU interrogates MNOs

Each European MNO is being questioned by the European Union (EU) as to how they treat mobile VoIP calls over their networks. The involvement of the EU has been driven by operator clauses in their contracts that either block or exclude mobile VoIP traffic and as a consequence of European competition laws.

Operators had been requested to supply the EU anti-trust authorities with answers as to what "tools they used to control, manage and block, slow down or otherwise restrict or filter Internet-based voice calls."

While some operators such as KPN and Hutchison 3G publicly support mobile VoIP calls, with 3 selling handsets specifically designed to work with the Skype service, other MNOs either obstruct or ban outright the use of the technology across their networks. Last year, VoIP provider TruePhone threatened to sue Vodafone after the operator was alleged to be blocking calls over its VoIP network.

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