Blue Coat's 2011 enterprise networking predictions

Using mobile phones or laptop computers and streaming video websites, employees will conduct more impromptu live video broadcasts of internal company meetings or presentations at industry conferences. These live video casts will put greater load on enterprise WAN links and internet gateway connections, often bringing them to total saturation.
High definition live and on-demand video will become more prevalent on the Web, creating more sizable “video floods” that can take over enterprise WAN links and Internet gateways; 3D video on the Web will still be a novelty and have almost no impact on corporate networks
Traffic from the Web - including text, graphics, audio and video, will represent more than 75% of corporate network traffic - up from 50% in 2010
Social networking will become the second largest class of Web traffic on corporate networks, behind live and on-demand Web video
More businesses will consider social networking a key business tool and will begin implementing policies to allow social networking communication but control the use of social media games and other applications
Companies will more rapidly embrace SharePoint or cloud-based document management, shifting away from traditional server-based file shares. They will put less importance on WAN optimization for the CIFS protocol, and more on HTTP optimization and acceleration