Bouygues outsources PIM

Bouygues Telecom in France has selected CyberArk to secure the company’s critical assets and customer data through the management of its privileged credentials.
The implementation of CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Privileged Session Management (PSM) suites have replaced two pre-existing custom-built systems – including a repository in which internal privileged passwords were previously stored.
As the pre-existing systems were becoming outdated and would have been extremely costly and time-consuming to overhaul, Bouygues Telecom looked to vendor solutions to better secure and manage the 10,000 privileged accounts existing in the company’s network.
CyberArk’s PIM suite allows Bouygues Telecom to manage and secure database passwords and enforces an enterprise-wide policy that protects the company’s most critical systems, automatically managing the entire lifecycle of shared and privileged accounts across data centers.
With the PSM Suite in place, Bouygues Telecom is also now able to isolate business-critical systems from potential malware attacks and continuously monitor critical servers, databases, web applications and virtual environments.
Most recently, Bouygues Telecom has rolled out the Application Identity Manager (AIM) part of the PIM Suit.

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