Britons online for nearly one day per month: UKOM

British web users spend nearly one day per month online, an increase of 65% from three years ago, according to a UK metrics company.
The UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) has revealed that the average Briton spends 22 hours and 15 minutes on the internet every month, the BBC reported
And social networking and blogging is by far the most popular application, taking up 22.7% of this time.
UKOM spokesperson Alex Burmaster told the BBC that social networking was “like an organism, feeding off itself and getting bigger. People are plugging more and more of their lives into it," he added, suggesting that this growth will continue.
Social networking has well and truly overtaken instant messaging as the preferred medium of keeping in touch, with just 5% of online time spent using IM compared to 14% three years ago.
But the humble email has been unharmed by social networking's ascendancy, with the time spent emailing actually increasing to 7.2% of online time compared to 6.5% three years ago.
Perhaps surprisingly, considering the internet's lascivious reputation, Britons spent more time browsing news (2.8%) than adult content (2.7%).
Commerce is continuing to expand online, with classifieds and auction sites jointly accounting for 4.7% of time, and browsing for software products and information 3.4%.