Broadcom accuses Qualcomm of patent misuse

Broadcom filed a complaint in federal court against rival Qualcomm, charging patent misuse, the latest round in their battle over cell phone technology licensing, a Reuters report said.

Broadcom said that Qualcomm's misuse of patents results in a 'double recovery' of royalties, a windfall for Qualcomm at the expense of the wireless industry and consumers, the Reuters report added.

The complaint, filed Tuesday in the US District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego, said Qualcomm gained royalties on 'exhausted' patents.

The issue of patent exhaustion often arises in recycled or re-sold components.

Qualcomm was not available for comment.

The two companies are embroiled in a series of legal disputes in courts as well as the International Trade Commission. Many analysts see the actions as negotiating tactics by both sides seeking an advantage in seeking a licensing agreement.