Brussels to spend €55m to clean up internet

Cyber-bullying and child pornography will be targeted in a €55 million euro scheme agreed by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), according to Reuters.

The European Commission's 'Safer Internet' proposal from 2009 to 2013 aims to improve safety for children surfing the Internet, promote public awareness and create national centres for reporting illegal online content.

The report said German police said in August they were investigating around 1,000 people suspected of having downloaded child pornography after they discovered a website showing the sexual abuse of two young girls.

And last month, a game in which players kill school students was pulled from a Finnish children's gaming site, one week after 10 were gunned down in the country's worst school shooting.

The MEPs also agreed that harassment and the distribution of violent video clips should be tackled.

A laudable aim, but enforcement is another question.