BSKYB and BT sign wholesale voice deal

BT announced an agreement to provide Sky with a wholesale voice service to support call services to its 1.1 million Sky Talk customers.

The 3-year deal will support the further expansion of Sky Talk, the UK's fastest growing residential telephony service.

In maintaining a high quality customer experience to Sky customers, the new agreement will see Sky benefit from BT's national reach and economies of scale. Over the next few months, Sky Talk customers and their calls will be migrated to the BT Wholesale platform.

Commenting on the agreement, Delia Bushell, Director of Broadband and Telephony, BSkyB, said: 'In the last year alone over 740,000 new customers have joined Sky Talk for great value calls. This deal with BT will maintain our quality of service and ensure that we enjoy increasing cost efficiencies as we continue to grow the service.'

Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of BT Wholesale Markets, said: 'In the highly competitive communications industry, providers are increasingly looking for ways to improve cost efficiencies. Today's announcement with Sky is further evidence that BT Wholesale is the ideal partner to realise value as quickly as possible. We're thrilled to be working with Sky to provide a call services to their 1.1 million customers.'