BSkyB enables customer self-service

UK satellite TV operator BSkyB is seeking to boost customer care with a new automated set up from customer service software firm SpeechStorm.
The broadcaster aims to enable self-service for its 10.5 million subscribers, and ease the burden of handling 52 million care calls per year. SpeechStorm’s products blend speech and touch-tone interaction for the customers, and the firm also offers a business user interface it claims can cut the time taken to launch new services.
“Self-service for Sky is about much more than just automating calls,” explains Andrew Stevenson-Thorpe, head of the firm’s e-experience division. “We want to deliver a customer service experience that customers will be happy to come back to use again.”
The Sky man notes that SpeechStorm’s management tools were another key attraction, enabling the broadcaster to hit key performance indicators and quickly launch new services.

SpeechStorm claims its set-up allows Sky to launch new services in four months, and cuts development time by 70%.