BT establishes Chinese research lab

BT has announced the establishment of a research laboratory together with China’s Tsinghua University.
The laboratory will be housed at the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM) in Beijing.
BT said the overall mission of the research lab is to develop and demonstrate new intellectual property rights (IPR) and advanced technologies, and to provide a bridge between Chinese innovation and BT technology.

BT and Tsinghua SEM are considering a number of collaborative research programs and joint research projects including the business applications of cloud computing and e-health.
Back in 2009, BT and Tsinghua SEM signed an MoU to begin strategic cooperation in collaborative research and student development, and to establish a strong platform for communication between Tsinghua SEM and BT’s professionals.
Since then, 11 MBA projects have been completed and four to five internships have been conducted every year under the BT/Tsinghua partnership.