BT hypes security of new home zone package

BT said that its Total Broadband Anywhere service will provide top-of-the-range broadband service at home and BT ToGo, an all-in-one, internet-enabled phone designed to email and surf the internet, in-or-out of the home.

The company said the new phones will come protected with mobile security software provided by SMobile Systems.

BT ToGo will allow users to connect to the internet at high speeds wherever they are and also offer services like Snap and Send, that let's them save and share photos and the ability to make VoIP calls from the same device.

'There are over three million consumers that have our broadband services in the UK and we believe that BT Total Broadband Anywhere will encourage a new level of broadband adoption,' David Grossman, GM Mobility and Convergence at BT said.

SMobile offers a full suite of security products and services that protect mobile phones and the entire wireless infrastructure. In the deal with BT, SMobile will provide its integrated Security Shield software.

The suite of applications protects users from malware delivered via email, WiFi, Bluetooth and other mobile vectors.