BT includes 'free' LTE and Wi-Fi in new business mobile plans

BT Business launched new '4G' mobile plans that it said come with LTE data speeds and unlimited access to BT's 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots at no extra cost for small and medium-sized businesses.

The UK-based operator unveiled the plans just weeks after announcing its return to the mobile market for the first time since selling O2 in 2001. The new plans range from single user to shared bundles, data-only plans, and a new Mobile Flex plan that can offer tailored pricing for larger customers. Subscribers have the option to select a SIM only plan or can choose from a range of handsets.

Data allowances of up to 10 GB are available in the "solo" plans for a single user, while the Mobile Sharer plans provide the option to pick a "Data Extra" allowance of up to a whopping 1 terabyte (for £10,000 a month).

BT is able to provide LTE services thanks to the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement it signed with EE earlier this year. It said the data, text and calling plans are specially designed to meet the needs of all businesses, with the availability of LTE particularly important for accessing software via the cloud.

"Our research shows that 24 per cent of employees now work regularly out of the office. As part of our strategy to offer a portfolio that provides value for money and meets the changing needs of businesses, we've designed our new mobile plans to cater for this," said Graham Sutherland, CEO of BT Business.

In July, BT unveiled the One Phone service as its first mobile offering for business users. The service offers fixed-line services hosted in the cloud and delivered to a mobile phone, meaning all phone calls are routed to the wireless device and employees can access their phone books and directories from the mobile phone.

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