BT installs Wi-Fi in 67 UK courts

Most Crown and Combined courts across England and Wales now have Wi-Fi facilities in place.

BT Openzone facilities have now been installed in 67 courts over the past three months to allow court users to take advantage of Wi-Fi between court sittings.

The installation of Wi-Fi facilities is meant to help barristers and solicitors in England and Wales to use time between cases more effectively, providing access to email, legal reference material and office networks.

For jurors, victims and witnesses, the availability of broadband will mean ready access to work, business and leisure pursuits between court hearings.

Courts Minister Maria Eagle welcomes the availability of Wi-Fi:

'Many legal professionals who use the courts need access to fast and instant online information,' she said.

'The provision of Wi-Fi is an important step to improve court facilities and the quality of service provided to court users.

Her Majesty's Courts Service has funded the provision of Wi-Fi facilities in the courts, and will receive a percentage of the revenue from BT Openzone.

The agreement to install the Wi-Fi network across the courts follows a pilot of BT Openzone wireless access points across eight courts - the Royal Courts of Justice, the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), Southwark, Birmingham and Swansea Crown Courts, and Winchester, Leeds and Liverpool Combined Courts.