BT Ireland wins terrestrial TV deal from government

BT Ireland has been selected as the multiplex and network service provider for the forthcoming digital terrestrial television (DTT) pilot of the government.

In a statement, the company said the two-year pilot was being funded by the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources as a means to develop interest and momentum in DTT in Ireland.

BT's role in the DTT pilot encompassed the design and implementation of a managed service that would collect source signals from television content providers and distribute them to transmitters, the company said.

Fibre and radio network infrastructure is being deployed to underpin the service, and network management and multiplexing systems are being established in BT's facilities in Dundrum and Citywest, respectively.

Initial DTT broadcasts will transmit in August from sites in Dublin and Louth. The transmissions will facilitate testing of services, demonstrating new and existing broadcast channels and illustrating the possibilities of DTT to viewers and broadcasters.